Ara Hill Condominium, Ara Damansara

Here’s another one of KECH Design Studio’s projects that we’re proud to bring forth to you! This one here is a condominium located in Ara Damansara, Selangor for a young couple and their two children.

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A cosy space with lots of room and light, we aimed to showcase the simplistic and contemporary lifestyle of the young family by making use of neutral colours, clean edges and warm materials throughout the place.

With the lady of the house having already decided on certain furnishings that she would be bringing into the apartment, we were able to work around them and propose something that resonated with her idea for a stylish and tasteful residence for her and her family. With her good eye for furniture it wasn’t too hard to make it happen!

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The dining area is engaging with its white and brown colour scheme and wood veneer walls. If you look closely enough, you will see that the veneer texture on the wood panels vary from one another, which gives a unique visual across the walls. Also, we felt that having a simple colour scheme such as this would create a warm ambiance that complements the soft sunlight that the room receives.

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The use of a large mirror in the dining adds the illusion of spaciousness to the room. Double doors open up to the kitchen, which is also fitted with clean wooden cabinets.

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Another striking element one would see in the dining room is the branch-design part of the curved partition between the entry and the dining. This piece would no doubt be a focal point as one enters the home!

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In order to give the living room a more spacious feel, it was important to keep as much floor space visible without overwhelming it with furniture. Apart from the movable furniture like the sofa and coffee table, the TV and display cabinets are lifted off the ground, which creates the roomy feel mentioned before as less floor space is taken up. Keeping to KECH Design’s signature style of a raw look, the room is accented by the cement laminate wall behind the TV. We feel this gives the room a more dynamic aesthetic.

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The clean design scheme continues into the study room where you will find that the cabinets all have a neat wood finish without any visible handles. The room is also given a splash of colour with the bright red wall behind the shelves and cabinets, creating a more vibrant environment.

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Meanwhile, the kids’ room is one that contrasts with the rest of the apartment. Considering the young age of the children, we wanted to design a room that would be fun and age-appropriate for them. The bright red-yellow-green cabinet is meant to resemble LEGO blocks and was created by spray-painting the wood.

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The pre-existing wardrobe in the children’s bedroom was reinvented by creating shallow grooves that run crisscross over the doors. This treatment is done similarly to a cupboard in the hallway except that the grooves run vertically.

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These  cupboard doors have a slight resemblance to the veneer panels we saw in the dining room.

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The master bedroom follows the simple and contemporary theme where the carpentry in the room is designed to have a streamlined look.

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 The lighting for the dressing table is Old Hollywood theatre-esque, which gives a warm illumination to anyone who’s using it.

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