Condo at Tropicana – a chic approach to a home.


How interesting is it to have a kitchen that looks like an barista’s worktop, a Dining area that has walls that you can doodle, and a living room that is cosy, comfortable and yet filled with vibrance and not forgetting function.  You should be pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon this.

This home is designed for a young and modern couple in the medical profession with an avid passion for Coffee ( like us! ), biking, and all things creative. Needless to say, it was a rather pleasant experience to be able to bounce ideas back and forth with the couple when it comes to design and having them understand our designer lingo is more than what we could ever ask for.

So, Here’s a little pictorial tour of the place.




Like most of the condo layout, The first room you will come across as you enter thru the main door is either the dining or the kitchen, In this case, you will land smack on into the dining room. Not necessarily a bad thing. The domain of the Dining area is a public space where you entertain guest that comes to visit and we being Asian, FOOD is definitely a good way to welcome your guest.


Of course, you do not show your guest the door after eating, So you welcome them into the Living Room, where its cosy, comfortable, bright, and most importantly versatile. We are not too concerned about filling up empty spaces with decor or furnitures. Whats more important to our approach is definitely the ability of the space to be transformed in to many configuration to hold different dynamics of the groups of people visiting you, and also, ample of visual “breathing” space.

So, one other thing that we really love to do is to incorporate the lifestyle of our clients into the design. We feel that design is not a generic approach. It should be something that is very personal and unique to the owner. Mountain biking is one of their hobby and we ‘carved’ a space that made to most sense to accomodate it near the entrance.



We really love the fact that this space is relatively small but still comfortably spacious.


This kitchen space is another of our favourites. The solid timber top, those chalk board paint, those exposed bricks, that coffee machine, how can one not mistaken this for a Artisan Coffee joint ?. So we found out that we shared similar passion for coffee, so needless to say the kitchen is built around the coffee machine!. Ok, not really, its built around functionality, but the coffee machine is definitely featured!.



Moving away from the conventional tempered glass back splash, we have tiles installed with Moorish like motifs to further exemplify the unique taste of the owner himself.


Again with limited space, we ensure that this kitchen will not be found wanting. It fits in with full fledge kitchen appliances that any home-made chef would be proud of.


Well, That is about as much as I can share with you about this project. Trully what made this project such a pleasant one is that we are able to work with this couple that is nothing short of awesome.   Well, if you read somewhere in the begining, I did mention that being Asians, food is deeply rooted in our culture. We were treated by the awesome couple to a deliciously home baked apple crumble and a pot of tea. It was indeed a very lovely gesture and its one that we will remember for a long time. So here’s to the lovely couple and their lovely home!.


So, hope you enjoyed looking at this home as much as we enjoyed designing it.

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Till then, stay awesome people. 🙂





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