Fusion Works

So earlier this year, we were commissioned to be a part of Fusion Works’ new office as design consultants and subsequently to be the main builder/renovator for this project.

It was indeed a fun project to be involved in. In many occasions we had to really push boundaries and really think out of the box for solutions that is functional, and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

To give you an overview,this office holds 3 “departments” Fusion Works, Fusion Atelier and Fusion Live.  As such, the challenge really is, to fit 3 different functioning offices within one space with separate definable areas but making it visually cohesive as one.

To tackle that, we had to place the general/public/shared space in the middle and every thing else is peripheral to public space.

So in other words, as you enter the office, you will be greeted with this cosy looking, nice waiting area and meeting room, from there you will be able to traverse to the adjacent spaces which will be the working spaces.


Credits : Caxton Chow


Credits : Vince Khoo

To the right of the meeting room, is the entrance door to Fusion Live


Credits : Vince Khoo

This is where all the awesome video thingamajigy happens.

And to the left is Fusion Works.


Credits : Vince Khoo

Each having their own defined space and yet shares one common public space.


Credits : Caxton Chow

Looking at the floor pattern, you may think that its just a random placing of shapes, but really, all those patterns actually correspond to the motif on the wall in the meeting room and subsequently, to the painting on the cement floors too.


Credits : Vince Khoo

The shapes painted on the cement floor actually serves another more important role other than looking nice, is that it actually covers patch marks and crack lines in the cement/concrete flooring.

You know, its impossible to patch concrete and make it look seamless after hacking it for piping/drainages and such. So we had to be creative about it.


Credits : Caxton Chow

Well, yea… party is first nature to this office, work is second!. ( I kid) but yea, spin some music while waiting ?. Why not ? . One thing that we really love to do and we do ask during consultations is,

” Is there anything that is unique to/about you, or the office?”.

Why we ask that is because we would want to incorporate ( allow for )  as much unique identity of our clients into the design and nothing makes us more happy than when our client starts to bring in their own items and make it a part of the whole space.

In this case, we had no idea there was going to be a turntable! but look at how well it assimilate into the space.


Credits : Caxton Chow

This is what you will see from inside the meeting room, you can catch a little glimpse of the pantry area or in other words, you will know when the refreshments are ready during a long meeting creative brainstorm session !


Credits : Caxton Chow

Lights, Shapes, Texture and Colours, All in one picture.


Credits : Caxton Chow

So, this is what it looks like looking out from the director’s office. You will have an overview of the whole office, who is in, who is out, who is at the pantry, who is in the meeting room. Well, how else is the managing director going to have an ‘oversight’ of his company ?. ( again I kid)


Credits : Caxton Chow

Looks like a cosy little corner for relaxation and some time out ? well you can, but this space has more than meets the eye. This is where the magic of Fusion Atelier happens.


Credits : Caxton Chow

Hidden behind those louvered doors are tools, equipments and materials to make bespoke decorations and stuff.


Credits : Vince Khoo

I guess I don’t have to elaborate where this door leads too. I’m sure we all have our “eureka” moments here before. Well, not in this one, but in the ones we have in our own homes. The most important unit in all dwellings. The TOILET. Imagine how shitty terrible life will be without it .


Credits : Vince Khoo

Ah , A moment of reflection…….


Credits : Caxton Chow

Well, thats all I have on this office. Before I sign off, I would like to give special credits to Caxton Chow and Vince Khoo for all these awesome photos, and if any of you guys are looking for an awesome event management company, do check them out at their Facebook page, pick up that phone, and give them a call! JUST DO IT!. click here if you need some motivation to do so!.

Alright, enough goofing around, Check us out on our Instagram for almost daily updates and if you enjoy this, don’t forget to give us a like on our Facebook!.Little gestures like that does heaps to encourage us to keep doing what we love for the people of the world. We are changing the world, One office at a time.

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