Groupon Malaysia – A funky,fun,dynamic office!

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Hello people!

KDS is back again with yet another awesome project. A creative,fun and funky work place. Groupon Malaysia Head Office!

Yeap! A very dynamic, fast growing company in Malaysia. Word has it that they grew from 12 people  to 100++ now within a year.


The Editorial work space

The Meeting Rooms

This Meeting room is seperate rooms on a usual day, but when they have a big meeting, the middle bifold doors can be opened to accommodate 20 person. The tempered glass partitions are such that they reflect the culture and the beliefs of the company that is to be ‘transparent’ in what they do.


Meeting Pods


These meeting pods are literally mini versions of the meeting room,¬† Its another great feature to the many cool places that the office have. This mini pods are very conducive for mini work sessions with colleagues of up to 4 persons. Totally isolates you from the noise of the crowd so the team can actually focus and brain storm aloud without having to fear that they will disturb others. On other times, they can also be used as a thinking space for individuals seeking ‘solace’ at work.


The Leisure Space.

This was one of the space that Grouponians have the freedom to do what they want in the space. It is kinda a space that was allocated for staff participation. There’s a school of thought that, if a person has a part to play in determining how or what a space look like, they will have a heightened sense of ownership. This is ultimately what we strive to achieve.


Difference in carpet colour to subtlety mark and create some order and sense to the space. Very often in open-planned spaces, every thing has a very high potential to be cluttered/confusing. Lines are good to create some order in space. In this case, the lines create a sense of walk-path further reinforced by the line array of IKEA pendant lights.


Materials.. Red brick is also one of the featured material in the office. It makes up a very large wall at the entrance, nothing short of note-worthy.

Soft plushies around the office space to make it homely, cosy, and comfortable for those who works relatively long hours.

Elegance. Black powder coated aluminum doors matched with silver/chrome handles.



So , lets have a look now at the design in 3D.




All in all it was indeed a fun and challenging project to be a part of. Its convention and unconventional at the same time. It was quite fun to deconstruct the idea of an office, and then redefine what an office space should be.




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