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Hello peeps!

Been a while!, man i realized I always begin my posts with “its been a while” ! Well, what to do ?,  We have been really busy since the begining of the year and we could hardly find any time to post on our recent projects.

Today will be the day where i will update you on our recently completed project. Ok, we finished and handed over this project early May. So the owners have moved in and made themselves comfortable already.

So, a quick brief of the project, Its a unique, compact sized end lot for a contemporary/chic-ish couple who loved the simplistic and clean approach towards design and heavily prioritize functionality but not compromizing on the aesthetics. It houses 3 Bedroom, 1 guest room, a living+dining room, wet/dry kitchen, and a lovely second hall fitted with floor to ceiling tempered glass window.

Perhaps my words are limiting, so i will let the pictures do the talking.

Being a compact house, its probably a better idea to have everything floating off the ground. The visual footprint of the cabinets and shelves are not seen and the floor area is perceived to be visually bigger. With the addition of concealed lighting, it further reinforce the idea of ‘floating’

As it is an endlot, the Dining area opens to the side garden and also to the kitchen. Its quite common for Asian houses to cordon off the kitchen from the living/dining areas due to the nature of our cooking style. So to unify the many openings, a white pelmet is introduced to mark the openings and to give  a visual statement.


Some of you might have recognize some furnitures from IKEA!. For me, I feel theres nothing wrong with using Ikea’s furniture. If it compliments the space well enough. If you noticed on the right of the image on top, there’s a blank wall with lights shined on it, its a space where we have reserved for the couple to put a pic or a portrait that will add some personal character to the already lovely living room.


The beauty of compact living is that everything is so near by.

Well, I think you would like to be able to see what you are cooking. Easy clean tempered glass backsplash will ensure that no grease will stick !


The bed room!.

The back of the bed panel is actually made up of recycled wood that i got from a friend that makes wooden doors. The wood is actually used to secure their raw material during delivery, and after that they will stack it aside. So we saw an opportunity in that and turned that into a feature wall.

The colour scheme is harmoniusly selected by Tzi-Li, the interior architect at KechDesign together with the woman of the house,when it comes to things like these, the men usually have no preference. BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, GREY, is about all the colours men know and perceive. Ok, Jokes aside,   the colour accents are strong enough to give a punch yet the ambient colour subtle enough to give a warm cozy feeling inside.


This is the lovely second hall i was talking about. Floor to ceiling ( ok, not quite ceiling) height windows!! Ample of sunlight bathes the space and i can forsee lovely portraitures happening here.



In the spirit of being unconventional, we took a daring step and got two table lamps ( without the owners clearly knowing what it will be ) and turned it into stairs light! Well, who says table lamps are always table lamps?


All in all, this place turned out to be quite a lovely place for a newly wed couple to enjoy the “honeymoon” of their wedded life. Well, I can only hope that as the years go by, their family will grow bigger and eventually they will move into a bigger house and…. 🙂 perhaps we will be given another opportunity to create anoter lovely home for them….and the kid(s) ..

Stay tuned for more.. in the mean time, do check out whats going on in our current projects here .

Till then.. Cheerios!. 🙂

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