House @ Petaling Jaya

It was one fine morning, when i got a call from Alex, asking if i am a interior designer and if i do house renovation. Couldn’t remember what I mutterd to him, and another call later, we were set to meet at this house in PJ. After a short discussion on a wrecked plastic table with foldable metal legs, and some plastic chairs, KDS was engaged as the interior design consultant.

Alex and Grace were one of the kindest clients that I have came across and was not prejudicial or in anyway discriminative of my fairly young age. They entrusted me with their house, and I hope in the end they didn’t regret their choice!

This was how the house look like when they gotten the house.

As you could see, the way the house looked like is no way a technoprenuer and a visual storyteller would live in. They are way too cool to be living in a house like that. So… many many many months down the road..and after many meetings with them to go thru the house design, interior and exterior design.. this was the outcome!.

(photos of the renovated house are courtesy of Grace from

Tall windows that opens out from the living room gives a impression of a very airy and spacious living room!

Ample of daylight coming into the house, They probably dont need any lights turned on during the day. Way to go green!

View looking in from the Entrance

The living room with a custom designed TV console

The newly renovated kitchen with tinted brown mirror to give that touch of elegance while giving it an impression of ample space.

The patio that Alex and Grace DIY-ed themselves!

Grace’s own consultation room for her clients. Grace is a professional visual storyteller, she takes amazing photos! (

Also, this is not the end of this post, This project was featured in Star Property some weeks ago. Click here to read a professional write-up about the house.

All in all, I am very pleased and count it my priviledge to be able to cross path with Alex and Grace, and the way it turns out, Sometimes I do have chats with Alex and learn from him about running businesses!. The way I see it, its a WIN.

Am blessed to know them and I thank God for bringing them along my way.

Cheerioss! 🙂


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  1. jadelisha
    July 26, 2012

    great work~! i love the exterior and the idea of the shade verendah~!

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