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When you come across a company that has this caption “Work that is fanatically fun.” across their career’s page, You can be sure to expect that these guys are fun-loving people!.

So, How would you expect their office to look like ?????

I would imagine crazy/creative/unconventional use of everyday stuff to make the extraordinary! and HENCE….



Welcome to Integricity SSTwoMall. A project that was completed end of last year. A cool,unsuspecting office space that looks like you are working in a warehouse/factory with the comfort of a home office.

At the main entrance, You are greeted with an industrial looking metal gate, forged with expanded metal sheets and mild steel frame.

Within the work space, at the entrance  is a common area, carved out with timber vinyl flooring and timber ‘trelliss’ like structure. Well, if only creepers could grow on the trellis.


Newly installed aircond ductings and metal wire casing that acts as the framework for the ‘dustbin’ lamps and also to carry power cables to be distributed all across the office. Talk about maximising form and function!. Unconventional, but it works!


The “official” entrance for the office has a little window carved out of the wall. The way the office is laid out,people inside the office wouldn’t have a view of customers or clients that arrive at the office official door step. Hence the ‘hole’ in the wall does make quite a bit of sense here!.unconventional, but it works.


“back to basics” conference room!. Unconventional, but it works!

Side track,  I think LCD projectors in conference room is just too ‘old school’ . TV is the new thing!. Better colours ( relatively), better sound, greater interactivity. In my opinion, the best multimedia solution for a conference room.

MORE SPACE?… build a mezzanaine!!!!!


YUM, i think every office needs a space like this .  A space to lounge and destress!.. raw cement, black powder coated aluminium with tempered glass, and some scandinavian furniture , but that is just me! 🙂

I would say the design of this office is heavily driven by function, in which form follows closely after.

Perhaps, the “start-up” look  might be the next in thing ? perhaps…

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