Kevin & Hui Yi’s Wedding

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5 weeks ago, KECH did a Wedding Photoshoot in collaboration with DanSel Photography. It was a day of FUN!. We tried alot of Remote Flash tricks and effect. It was wonderful!. However, those pictures are with DanSel Photography. Soon, you will be able to view it on KDS. * EDIT* You can now view it here

This pics that I am about to post is taken with a Nikkor 35mm F1.8 prime lens. I must say, this is a sweet lens!. Sharp and Crisp!. Good range. It has almost the equivalent coverage as a 50mm on a Full frame camera.

There you go,

It was indeed quite a challenging task. All the pictures above were taken all with natural lighting. Well, I don’t have a flash gun!. Any kind soul out there would like to help sponsor me a SB-900 Flash Gun ? .. haha

So, i hope you enjoy this set. For more you can view it here

Oh btw, one of my fav shots is this. Can you feel the.. hmmm.. “Moment ” .. here?

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