Believing in business done right as it creates value for all – we practice integrity above all to positively impact our clients, vendors, environment, community and also our very own team members.

With particular attention to details and a desire for everything to turn out A-OK, we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Living up to this fast paced generation, always on demand for precision and consistency – where lost time cannot be found again, where our timely delivery is essence.

We care, yes we do. For our clients, vendors, environment, community and our very own team. People centered, because it matters to us what matters to you.

It takes great focus and commitment, but we always strive to be quality driven in all our areas.


Kenny Chin , the founder of KECHDESIGN, began his career armed with B. Environmental Design (B.EnvDes) as an architectural assistant in an established architecture firm here in KL. During those years, he has been involved in various projects ranging from master planning, to mixed used high rise, to private residential and also hotels.

In the course of his work, he was involved extensively in interior works and he began to develop an affinity towards interior architecture. Having realised his path, he took the leap and worked with an ID firm in KL. That was when he began to learn the ropes and fast forward today, He now runs Kech Design studio.

He has since been involved in various creative disciplines such as photography, videography amongst others,  equipping him with an acute sense of attention to detail. He has also been the key person in various projects as a designer and also the builder for clients such as Groupon, SaysMy, KakiSeni, Integricity, CanvasMy and many more private residential projects.


Design Manager Wong Tzi-Li is an enthusiastic  interior designer who always has an interest towards everything with creative design.  Following her love for design, she got her start with Bachelor of Science (Architecture) but upon graduating she finds her inner passion for interior architecture instead. Based on her education and past experiences, she believes that design has to visually integrate the interior and exterior .

Her approach towards design suggests layering of old and new, contemporary and whimsical. She understands that all great design is a combination of inspiration, functionality and perfection. Always taking into consideration the structure and space of the project. In other words, CARVING a bare space.

Throughout her career, Tzi-Li has been involved in various projects ranging from residentials, commercials, hotels and offices. She has also been the Design Manager for client such as KakiSeni, Hotel Sentral and many other private residential projects.


Ben Lim joined KECHDESIGN in 2012 as a Project Manager. An engineer by qualification, he graduated from  John Moores University, Liverpool, with a B.Eng in Mechatronics. Prior to KECH DESIGN, Ben has been involved in various projects here in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, overseeing mechanical and ventilation installations for huge complexes such as condominium, shopping malls, schools, factories and etc.Up to today, Ben has not stopped living the life on construction site. He was, is and will be involved in various projects  here at KECHDESIGN, managing the built process, cost and timeline.


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