Sakae Sushi Leisure Mall Cheras

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It has been a while since there was any updates. Not that I’m lazy, but really so much was going on I couldn’t find the time to actually post anything up. So, some time ago, Kd.s (Designer) in partnership with Motto Designs Sdn bhd ( Design Consultant) , We took on this project to design the new Sakae Sushi outlet at Leisure Mall Cheras. So as a background, The client wanted a totally different feel and break free from the typical Japanese sushi outlet, where you have bamboos all over, paper lamps and what not. So as the outcome of our conversation, we decided that we will adopt a new theme. Garden-ish theme.
This is how it looks like in 3d,

Exterior Facade 3 edit

Another view,

Exterior Facade edited

And this is how the actual look like.








Indeed this was a pleasurable project to work on. Lets look forward to more outlet opening! 🙂

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