Studio Apartment @ Oasis

Recently we have just finished a project for a Studio Apartment in Oasis, Ara Damansara. Here, our main design focus was on the carpentry with some minor wet works.

The original theme of the house is ‘Modern Contemporary’ having clean straight lines creating a sleek and elegant design with the main color theme of  clean white, grey and black.


Living Room


However the few colors, black, grey and white, created a subdued and mellow ambiance, giving no particular focus whatsoever to any particular object, and hence a RED COUCH was added to lift the mood and give a point of focus to the space! On top of that, if you look harder, you can find little hints of red through out the spaces!!

The original white wall and dark grey TV cabinet created a huge color contrast and to reduce that contrast, we painted the back wall a light grey to give a smoother transition between the colors. Now the living room has a feature wall!


Mirror Wall Finish

The TV cabinet was designed in a way that it is not one cabinet filled with drawers making it huge chunk. Instead it has voids, partitions and only parts of it are drawers creating a light atmosphere in this very small space.

To give the space an added sense of visual spaciousness, making the small space look bigger, the feature wall of the dining area is the mirror. Mirrors would help extend the space visually, and is one of the best ways to make a small space look bigger and brighter!


Dining Table


In further enhancing the luxurious and contemporary feel of the space, we advised the owner to buy items with a glossy and reflective finish. For example, the dining table is topped with tempered glass and the legs of the table are made of chrome plated steel giving off a reflective finish, complementing the mirror wall finish.

Dining and Kitchen Area


The visual partition made of timber is used to divide the space between the entrance and the dining area. This provides a sense of perceived privacy to the owner as visitors enter the space, they first encounter a visual filter.


Visual Connectivity


Bedroom with Drop Light


Here we are now at the bedroom, continuing the theme of modern contemporary, the bedroom carpentry is also designed to have straight sleek lines, not chunky, and thus creating a cosy elegant room.

Hints of red in the Bedroom


A quaint dressing table by the window to get the best lighting condition when applying make up.

Wardrobe and Dressing Table


Dressing Table by the Window


All in all, it has been a fun project working with the client, giving us full license to be creative in whatever we do for this house.  From shopping with the client to design consultation and having lots of funny moments!

That’s all for now! Till we meet again! =D

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