The Engine Room, Bangsar South

We at KECH Design Studio are excited to present one of our latest completed projects, The Engine Room!

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From the creative collaboration between KECH and The Engine Room owner, Khai Lee, a design concept was conceived for something ultra-rustic, full of character and innovation in the hopes that it would be reflective of the hip and urban lifestyle of the local Bangsar scene, which is where you will find this stylish residence/events space.

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Stepping into the building, one would immediately get a sense of the raw nature of the design- evidently present in the walls and floors that have been stripped down to their bare cement render surface. The textured wall itself is highlighted by the rich sunlight streaming into the room through the glass panels that stretch across the double height wall facing out into the balcony.

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One of the more striking features in the Engine Room would be the feature wall in the main leisure area on the ground floor where the connecting copper pipes that branch out from one another are met at the ends with old lamp fixtures that were sourced from Jakarta by the owner. Check out the cool details on those lights!

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The rusty-looking copper pipe adds character to the pantry, don’t you think?

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The designers here at KECH have a passion for experimenting with reclaimed waste materials and upcycling them for a creative purpose. You can find them in every corner of this residence/events space! (By the way… how awesome is that light fixture?)

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Apart from the copper pipes, another focal point in the leisure area is the hefty custom-designed coffee table, which  appears to anchor down the various elements in the room with its heavy iron clamp legs. It would no doubt be a conversation piece to all who visit the space!

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An eye-catching feature on the rooftop balcony is the wall display which is made of recycled metal grilles and metal folding doors that were found in old shop lots. With that, the rooftop which also acts as a bar area, is transformed to provide for a unique social experience. (Photobooth backdrop-worthy much..?)

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The rough appeal of the whole space is amped up with the blend of materials such as cement, copper, iron, recycled red brick, Resak wood, and other recycled timber. All of these resonate with the team’s approach to a ‘Steampunk’ inspired look: mechanical, Victorian and a tad industrial. We aimed to give an edgy punch to the place!

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This space was designed and built by utilising various reclaimed waste materials and we have enjoyed every inch of the process and effort put into it!

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P.S. The Engine Room will be open for rent if you are looking for a cool venue to host your next awesome event! Just visit The Canvas to find out more.

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