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We are back again with another update for you guys!

Just recently, we collaborated with Khai Lee, CEO of to create a new event space that is catered for creative companies/agency/businesses that appreciate doing everyday things in a unusual way.

To wet your appetite, how would you react if we told you that you can pick up a marker pen and literally WRITE on the surface of the wall without being yelled at or chased after by town council or authorities ?

How would you love to conduct your events in a quirky/hippish venue, with vintage lights and make-shift furnitures, with chair and stools dating back to the early days of Malaya?

I think this is what you will be looking for!.


The flooring are made out of used floor boards we salvage from some junk yard. We sanded the floor panels and oxidise the timber flooring to give it the grey, old, worn out look.




For more info about how to rent this space, pls visit :



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