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The approach to refurbishing this home located in Denai Alam was to take inspiration from the existing characteristics of the house itself. As there were a few unique features that came with the house, we intended to work through them, enhance them and create a home that would be enjoyed by the family and all who visit the home.

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In the living room, the most noticeable feature would be the cement laminate wall behind the television. It was designed to resemble bricks similar to those you would find in a rustic fireplace. We find this gives the room warmth as a space for gatherings and social interactions.

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This wall design continues on to the dining area where the laminate pieces are now twice the size of those in the living area. Not only is the wall accented by the uplights fitted onto it, but there is also a pre-existing skylight that hangs overhead, which lets in huge amounts of sunlight.

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Denai Alam_terrace (6 of 21)The bench used in the dining area is a breakaway from the conventional seating style while still encouraging the practice of communal dining. With the natural illumination and character of the room, there is a great atmosphere suitable for lingering chitchats after a hearty meal!

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Moving on to the backyard extension, there is a sandbrick structure that acts as a barrier from the outside and inside- providing privacy while also allowing natural light to permeate the space.

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Contained within the study is an L-shaped desk/bookshelf, with the desk facing towards the window, and a sofa bed, which comes in use when the room needs to be converted into a guest bedroom. A pop of colour is given to the room with a wall painted an intense jade colour.

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The bedrooms all include a custom-designed bed that have a clean, “fuss-free”, streamlined look. On the practical side, should the owners get new mattresses to fit on the beds, there should be less difficulty in getting them on due to their flat surfaces.

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The front of the house was also extended to give more space to the living area. It also gives more definition to the entrance as guests enter the house. On the other side of the wall is a wall of red bricks that have been given a coat of white paint. This feature once again reflects the alternative taste of the KECH designers but toned down to suit the conservative style the owners had in mind.

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Throughout the house, some of the tasteful furniture picked out by the occupants themselves have complimented the design changes made during the renovation. We here at KECH believe in involving client participation as much as possible while our clients have also kindly allowed us to take creative liberty where necessary.

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