Office at SStwo Mall

So recently, we had the opportunity to work on Kakiseni’s brand spanking new office and their community space located in SS2 mall.

If the name Kakiseni is familiar to you, you’d know them as the local art body in Malaysia.. Believing and making it happen for the local performing arts, Kakiseni is Malaysia’s foremost arts platform.

A work space for Kakiseni meant a space for creative freedom, unconventional yet filled with functionality!

Main entrance to Kakiseni in SS2 mall

Reception bench

Something different from your everyday piece of furniture – the raised surface is made out of recycled resak wood (firstly treated and sanded to remove splinter for sitting purposes) with reclaimed louver window panel as its legs. Definitely not something you can find in any furniture store!

Walking into Kakiseni

The red brick reception table

Also not your everyday piece of furniture – the reception table has a solid concrete cement top with simple brick work as the base.

Ceiling view of reception area

Light works at reception area

The light works at reception area is a fusion feel between modern and industrial – caged light.

Reception view of the mezzanine

What is mezzanine you might wonder? The word mezzanine comes from the Italian word “mezzano” which means middle. Architecturally, it’s usually a partial story between two main storries of a building. In this project, the mezzanine works as a private space apart from the common workspace area right above the meeting room.

Walk in to the workspace

Common workspace area

Wide common workspace area gives an uncluttered and relaxing environment, and it also promotes open communication.

Stairway up to the mezzanine

Mezzanine view of the common workspace area

The outside view of the meeting room

The tempered glass partitions are to reflect the transparency in the workplace.

Simple red brick work

One half of the meeting room

Tempered glass doors partition with black steel frames

To create a container feel in the meeting room, the walls are made from corrugated zink sheets as cladding surrounding the room.

One large meeting room seperated into two spaces by glass doors partition

From the other side of the meeting room

The large meeting room is seperated into two spaces on any normal day. But on a given day a bigger space is needed, the middle bi-fold glass doors partition can be opened to expose a larger space to accommodate a bigger crowd.

Pull away the glass doors partition to create a larger space

The large table in the meeting room

Large wooden meeting table

At kds, we love to explore alternative materials as preferred construction materials. As such, we used recycled resak wood – treated and sanded for the top surface of the meeting table with prefabricated steel legs. It takes at least 4-5 strong men to carry this big thing, so you can imagine how heavy this is!

Treated and sanded recycled resak wood

Free Space @ Kakiseni

Free Space @ Kakiseni is a part of the new office space where it is opened for various activities with basic setup and low cost. Dubbed as a black box, it is surround by black curtains for sound proofing/absorbtion. Because of the versatility of this space, the floor is laid with engineered timber to cater to their need to be all-purpose.

Multipurpose Free Space @ Kakiseni

To find out more about how this project was put together, check out our previous Unfinished Episode!

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