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We’re back this week with another project update! The header says it all – Says Office Extension!

About a year ago, we worked with Ng Khai Lee, the CEO of and completed – The Secret Hideout (check here if you haven’t seen the finished work, and here for their opening ceremony). As the company grew, they needed more space! So we did an extension to the existing office – added extra work space, meeting rooms, a chill out corner and also look out for the idea paint walls! 🙂

Walking into the office extension

Similar to the first half of the office, this extension also The perfect balance/mixture of red bricks, sand bricks, glass and black steel frames! The entire office still gives out the raw and industrial atmosphere.

Chill out corner

The chill out corner

To unwind and relax

Make-do tables from wooden crates

The thing we really loved about the continuation work on this office is the creative freedom we get to explore! We worked a lot with alternative/recycled materials as preferred construction materials.

Idea paint wall at the chill out corner

More idea paint walls! It’s like a white board wall – it looks like a wall, yet at the same time functions like a white board! You can write and erase on the same wall without the fear of ruining the wall, how cool is that!

Foosball table corner

Elevated meeting rooms

Ping pong table outside the elevated meeting rooms

More idea paint wall

To find out more about how this project was put together, stay tuned for the Unfinished Episode later this week!

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